Missouri NOW actively encourages progressive people to run for all levels of government – from School Board to statewide – because we recognize that we need progressives at different levels of government. If you are interested in running, we would like to know. We team with other progressive organizations (e.g., Missouri Pro-Vote, National Women's Political Caucus) to provide campaign training. Our members actively participate on our endorsed candidates' campaigns – from door knocking to GOTV, our members have assisted numerous candidates.

While we cheer and support our progressive men senators and representatives, we (along with other members of the Missouri Women's Network) stand for more progressive women senators and representatives in Jefferson City. This document makes the issue clear. How can we claim equality when less than a quarter of our lawmakers are women? NOW advocates nothing less and nothing more than equality, but can you imagine if less than a quarter of lawmakers in Jefferson City were men?

Missouri NOW welcomes all candidates to complete our endorsement questionnaire. Candidates must complete the survey 100% to be considered for NOW's endorsement. Please take the time to complete the survey and return it ASAP to:

Missouri NOW PAC
215 S. Cuivre
Bowling Green, MO 63334
or jtomek@nemonet.com.

2014 Missouri NOW PAC Candidate Questionnaire

For full text of questions, please open 2014 Missouri NOW PAC Candidate Questionnaire. For complete table of candidate responses, please open 2014 Missouri NOW PAC Candidate Questionnaire Results. Missouri NOW does not give candidate endorsements. Inclusion on this page and/or representation in the chart below does not constitute an endorsement or opposition by the Missouri NOW PAC. Please contact Seileach Corleigh if you find any of the below data to be incorrect.

Maps of the new legislative districts may be found here.

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New Missouri electoral districts:
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